We Can Win Poverty, We Don’t Want to

“I believe that the greatest failure of the human race is the fact that we’ve left more than one billion of our members behind”. Andrew Youn


“We are an exceptional people, but we’ve left over one billion of our members behind”.

Andrew Youn

What if I told you that the human race has already found all the solutions we need to eliminate poverty on our planet? Well, we actually did. We have reached some of the most exceptional achievements and we are only getting started. 
We can win poverty, but we don’t care enough to want to do it. 
We can win poverty but the leaders of most countries are busy with making their own pockets bigger than they already are. 
We can win poverty but we prefer spending money on weapons, war, and luxury. 
For example, the amount of money spent in six months during the Iraq war could have solved the problem of the Amazon rain-forest forever, which is the lungs of our planet, and no single tree will need to be cut again.

“We are an exceptional people, but we’ve left over one billion of our members behind”. Andrew Youn

A TED talk by Andrew Youn, the Co-Founder of One Acre Fund, made me realize how far we have gone as a human race. What is it that we failed in? We fail in having a will. In fact, if we think about the tools and the knowledge that we own in the modern world, it is a living proof, that we are undefeatable. However, do we utilize our own strength and growth in the right way?

“Hunger, extreme poverty: these often seem like gigantic insurmountable problems, too big to solve”.

The truth is that humanity has fallen into a very low level of morality, and it makes us blind, not letting us notice the most important things. Starting with love. When love is all we need. 
We have all the means necessary for all of us to be living a full life, mentally and financially. But something has gone wrong along the way, and I am finding it hard to point out what exactly because the list is too long. While major agricultural corporations are growing, the struggle of the small farmer grows along.

“Most of the world poor are farmers; they lack access to tools and knowledge. The good news is that humanity actually solved the problem of agricultural poverty a century ago. In theory. Therefore, ending poverty is simply a matter of delivering proven goods and services to people”.

In fact, there is no one else that we are hurting except our own selves. Except for our own future generations. Generations that will keep living in blindness and lack of awareness. The problem of the poor is the problem of all human race and we all can make a little change to a better world together. We simply have to want it.

“Hunger and extreme poverty curb human potential in every possible way. We see ourselves as a thinking, feeling and moral human race, but until we solve those problems for all of our members, we fail that standard, because of every person on this planet matters”.

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