Yana Binaev


My name is Yana Binaev, I am a photographer, dancer, and poet. Through my work, I aim to raise awareness towards diversity, race and gender equality. I create documentary photography projects that tell unique stories. I focus on portrait, event and BTS photography of film and music videos.

In my life journey so far, I had the chance to live in 5 different countries and learn to speak 6 different languages, what helps me understand the world, different cultures, and mentalities on a deeper level, and what eventually lead me to be doing what I am doing today.

Dance has been present in my life since a young age. I was mainly focusing on Bellydance most of my life but at an older age, I discovered my passion for Afrobeats, through which I brought to life the concept of Afrobellydance.

Aside from that, I work on other creative projects, which can be found in the different sections above.