When life gives you lemons – make lemonade!

Well, sometimes, some days, some months and can be some years, life will keep on giving us lemons. The most bitter type ones. I say, what can you do? The lemons come in bulks, how can you make the best out of it? Of course! Make lemonade!
One thing is sure- it is refreshing.

We hear, read, and absorb, a big amount of positive phrases and stories of how other people deal with difficult situations in their life. However, sometimes, when it comes to us, our mind becomes dark and before we even realize, the smile is off our faces and the days become less shiny.

The thing is, life is here and NOW, whether your life is full of lemons or not. And mine tends to throw quite a few at me, but here is what I choose to do. Stand still, smile at life and the lemons, and catch as many of them as I can. To make as much as possible lemonade!
Because not letting negativity getting into you, keeping the smile on the face and sticking to your goals, with full faith and belief is the strongest tool we can use. So why not make the bad days good and the good days even better?

“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway”.
-Emory Austin

With Love,


Yana BinaevComment