The Path is Guided

Our path is guided. When I first let myself see that, I started observing more.
Once I allowed myself to see the signs and follow them, I learned that life becomes so much easier, calmer and full of answers. I learned that there is no need to try to understand everything, there is no need to worry, hurry or delay anything. Because all the answers are within us. We just need to observe deeper into ourselves and listen to what life is telling us.

In many cases we doubt ourselves, we lack confidence and we wonder why certain things happen to us. I believe that all the answers we need to know are already inside of us. All we need to do is to allow ourselves see them and observe where our path is leading us.

Each one of us has a way, a path to walk. Patience is an important key in this, learning to be patient is an essential part of learning how to walk our path calmly. Moreover, once we learn how to practice patience, there is nothing in the world we cannot achieve. This is right then when we become able to believe in our way, in ourselves and in the fact that our path has all the guidance we need. All we have to do is allow ourselves see it and follow it.

With Love,


Yana BinaevComment