Viva Frida Kahlo

6th July 1907

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her self-portraits.
Frida had a painful physically and mentally reality she lived in. Physically because of an accident, she survived as a teenager, which caused her lifelong problems; left her paralyzed in her bed for a long period and further made her lose the ability to become a mother.
Mentally she carried a deep pain in her soul, which she expressed in her extraordinary art. Along with that, her marriage to the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera, whom she loved enormously and was never loyal to her despite the fact she was a woman her loved. It was his nature.

Khalo about Rivera.
“I warn you that in this picture I am painting of Diego there will be
colors which even I am not fully acquainted with. Besides, I love
Diego, so much I cannot be an objective speculator of him or his life…
I cannot speak of Diego as my husband because that term when applied
to him, is an absurdity. He has never been, nor will he ever be,
anybody’s husband. I also cannot speak of him as my lover because to
me, he transcends by far the domain of sex. And if I attempt to speak
of him purely, as a soul, I shall only end up by painting my own
emotions. Yet considering these obstacles of sentiment, I shall try to
sketch his image to the best of my ability.
Perhaps it is expected that I should lament about how I have suffered
living with a man like Diego. But I do not think that the banks of a
river suffer because they let the river flow, nor does the earth
suffer because of the rains, nor does the atom suffer for letting its
energy escape. To my way of thinking, everything has its natural

Viva Frida.

With Love,


Yana BinaevComment